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Product Details

G40 Solar Powered LED String Light

  • Product summary:
    1 Length: 12ft 25ft 30ft
    2 Bulb socket: 12socket 25socket,30socket
    3 WW 2200K, 2700K
    4 1W per pc or 2w per pc
    5 IP65 waterproof
    6 CE RoHS UL
    7 2 Years Warranty
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Product Parameters: 

Type  : Solar Powered G40 LED Fairy String Light 
Length:          12ft  13ft 25ft 30ft 
Socket: 12 socket  25socket, 30 socket
Cable: Black XTW 20AWG/ VDE
IP rate: IP44 waterproof 
Wire Material:                   PVC+Copper      
Bulb :  G40 LED Fairy lamp
Bulb material  Clear glass
Bulb Size: 40*60m
LED Bulb  Watt:    0.3W/pc   3V
Color:  WW ,RGB 
Input voltage:

 Adpater 100-240V,output 3V,EU/US plug      


With waterproof DC female-male plug



Warranty 1 year  
Other Length: 12ft 12socket, 13ft 25socket, 25ft 25socket, 35ft 30socket 

Product Pictures: 


1) Building (architecture or home) decoration
2) Home using
3) Amusement park and theater lighting
4) Emergency hallway lighting
5) Shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, meeting room and advertisement signs back lighting