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Development prospect of LED filament lamp

After years of development, filament lamps are favored by the world market. Whether it is North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Japan and South Korea, they all welcome the arrival of filament lamps with open arms! All come to China to bid for filament lamps!

The filament lamp adopts innovative hvleds technology to make n LED bulb chips connected in series to form hvleds module, which works in the low-energy cooling state of high voltage VF = dc40-280v and low current if = 10-60ma; The standard A60 bulb lamp with 4 LED filaments works continuously for tens of hours, and the temperature of the glass bulb is below 37 ℃. The utility model becomes a safe LED lighting source with a non hot lamp cap. Compared with the previous lvled application technology, lvled works in the state of low voltage VF = dc3.2 - 32V and high current if = 150 - 700mA, and the lamp cap temperature is as high as 80 - 120 ℃! It has been in high temperature and high energy consumption. Even if various forms of aluminum alloy radiators are used, the technical problem of rapid heat dissipation has not been solved.

Filament lamps will inevitably replace incandescent lamps

According to relevant statistics, the annual demand for incandescent lamps worldwide reached 9billion in 2014, and China produced 4.434 billion incandescent lamps in 2014. Incandescent lamps will soon be banned by countries all over the world. What kind of lamps can achieve similar cost performance and replace them?  It is undoubtedly a great opportunity and challenge for today's lighting industry!  Filament lamp as a new generation of safety LED lighting source has come to the fore! The filament lamp can achieve 360 ° full circle light! It is closest to the light distribution of traditional tungsten filament lamp. When the standard filament lamp is on, it is not hot without a radiator! Filament lamp color temperature setting is very convenient and concise! Filament lamp is a consumer electronic product with better performance, convenient use and low price than incandescent lamp.

In 2015, the annual output of filament lamps in China was about 130 million bulbs, and it is likely to increase to 500-800 million bulbs in 2016! There is still a large capacity gap to fill the incandescent lamp market directly! So the opportunity is huge!

The optical and electrical properties of the 360 degree luminous filament lamp are better than those of the incandescent lamp; The filament lamp does not burn when working, and its safety performance is better than that of SMD LED bulb lamp; The cost performance of filament lamp is good, so far there is still room for price reduction, and the cost of SMD LED bulb lamp has reached the bottom! Filament lamp is a new generation of energy-saving light source that can really enter people's homes and public lighting all over the world! Therefore, it is inevitable for filament lamps to replace incandescent lamps!

Filament lamp will win the world market

The maturity of large-scale industrialized automatic production technology of filament lamp promotes the rapid development of filament lamp manufacturing industry. The automatic production line of LED filament effectively reduces the cost of LED filament! Three years ago, 0.8W filament could be sold for rmb3.50, but now it has dropped to rmb0.50. The driving power chip of filament lamp has been continuously designed, innovated and upgraded with the needs of market competition. In the past four years, the cost of filament lamp driving power has been reduced by half, and the driving power is more exquisite, compact, durable, safe and reliable! Automatic production equipment for filament lamps, such as filament automatic spot welding machine and filament lamp sealing and discharging machine, has contributed to the industrialization and automatic mass production of filament lamps, greatly saving labor and effectively improving productivity! The production cost of filament lamps has been declining over the years, which is more and more suitable for the target value of cost performance in the consumer electronics market. The reasonable retail price makes filament lamps popular in the international market in just a few years. Famous lighting enterprises such as Philips, OSRAM and Ge have joined in the production and sales of filament lamps one after another, which makes filament lamps popular and widely used in the world market. Homedepot, feit, Lloyd's and other international famous large electrical supermarket groups directly order various types of LED filament lamps from Chinese filament lamp manufacturers OEM and ODM with the advantage of large procurement volume.

China's domestic filament lamp market is getting rid of the vicious competition of low quality and low price. The direct selling of filament lamps in e-commerce online stores and small convenience supermarkets has wiped out the high commissions of middlemen and distributors, making filament lamps enter a large number of millions of rural households with the advantage of cost performance, making filament lamps quickly and widely used in commercial lighting and landscape lighting.

In a few years, filament lamps produced by filament lamp manufacturers all over the world will completely replace incandescent lamps with cost-effective advantages. The market with an annual demand of 9billion filament lamps is huge! It needs the joint efforts of filament lamp manufacturers all over the world!  Welcome incandescent lamp factories all over the world to transform and produce LED filament lamps!

Differentiation of filament lamp is a magic weapon for each family to win

The original shape of filament lamp comes from incandescent lamp. It is not only similar in shape but also similar in spirit. It is because of its full retro charm that it can easily enter the world market! In recent years, the dispute over the patent claims of many companies for filament lamp technology has affected the filament lamp to enter the world market at a faster speed, and some enterprises with sales channels have to restrain the production capacity of filament lamps. Therefore, the differentiated design of filament lamp, owning its own core technology patents of filament and power chip, and independent modeling design patents are the top priorities of filament lamp manufacturers at present! For the patent barrier of straight filament lamp, accelerate the innovative design of various special-shaped filaments. Taoji arc filament and graphene arc filament are emerging! It not only solves the problem of patent blocking of the straight filament lamp, but also makes a significant improvement on the straight down light effect of the straight filament lamp, so that the light distribution diagram of the filament lamp changes from the typical butterfly effect diagram to the full moon diagram! Therefore, the differentiated and innovative design of filament and filament lamp shape is the magic weapon for each filament lamp manufacturer to win.

Antique filament lamp is comparable to titanium filament lamp

Titanium wire Edison lamp once led the market of antique lamp. Due to the successful launch of flexible LED filament, the development trend of antique lamps in commercial atmosphere is now relying on the advantages of flexible LED filament to produce more colorful innovative products. The first antique lamp to enter the commercial atmosphere is the titanium Edison lamp. It uses titanium filament. The titanium filament has brightness but no lighting function, which is suitable for the requirements of antique lamps in the commercial atmosphere. With the elimination of titanium wires, led hard filaments are used. Because they are straight and short filaments, it is difficult to design smooth, changeable and consistent shapes. Therefore, the birth of flexible LED filament and the filament shape design of antique lamp are all easily solved! Flexible LED filament will contribute to the innovative development of multiple varieties of antique lamps for commercial atmosphere.

The 360 degree light of LED filament lamp, and the lamp cap is not hot when working, making it a new generation of safety light source!

Led filament lamp technology innovation, product categories continue to expand, bright prospects! With its strong vitality and excellent cost performance, led filament lamps are gaining a growing world market! Benefit people all over the world!