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The LED filament lamp export market is booming and the export amount has doubled

Since the LED filament lamp came into people's sight in 2012, its attention has been increasing. A large number of traditional incandescent lamp manufacturers have transformed and invested in the production of LED filament lamps. The export volume of LED filament lamps has maintained a rapid growth. According to the forward-looking database data, in the first two months of 2017, the total export volume of LED filament lamps reached US $4.13 million, a year-on-year increase of 217.97%, the fastest growth rate among all product types, and the LED filament lamp business of Danfeng lighting doubled.
The following is an analysis of the total export volume of China's LED filament lamps since 2016:

In the face of policy adjustment, in recent years, first-line lighting enterprises have vigorously promoted energy-saving lamps and led bulb lamps to replace incandescent lamps. However, in this market competition, led filament lamp, as a rising star, is gradually on the top, and is expected to become the backbone product of daily lighting for ordinary people (603883) in the future.
Led filament lamp replaces incandescent lamp for lighting. Compared with other LED products, led filament lamp has the advantages of full angle lighting, nostalgic and simple shape, higher luminous efficiency and more energy saving. With the withdrawal of incandescent lamps from the market, led filament lamps will usher in a new round of substitution tide. Because of the perfect combination of LED filament lamp and traditional incandescent lamp technology to achieve 360 ° lighting, and the inherent complex of European and American incandescent lamps, led filament lamps are widely popular in foreign markets.