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48ft Outdoor S14 WW Vintage Filament LED String Light

  • Product summary:
    1 Length: 48ft
    2 Bulb socket: 15socket
    3 WW 2200K, 2700K
    4 1W per pc or 2w per pc
    5 IP65 waterproof
    6 CE RoHS UL
    7 2 Years Warranty
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Product Parameters: 


Type  : S14 WW LED String Light 
Length:           48ft  
Socket: 15 socket 
Cable: blackSJTW/18AWGX2C wire Waterproof IP65  With US/EU waterproof male-female plug
IP rate: IP65 outdoor waterproof 
Wire Spec: Wire spec:1.5*3*1.5 FT        
Wire:  SJTW 18AWGX2C/H05VV-F 2C*1.0mm²wire   
Wire Material: PVE+Copper      
Bulb :  S14 LED Filament Light 
Bulb material  PC ,Glass 
Bulb Size: 45*83m
LED Bulb  Watt:    1W or 2W/pc 
Color:  2200K, 2700K, 3000K     
Input voltage: Adapter input Voltage 100-240V,output12V ,EU/US Plug               


Warranty 2 years 


Product Description: 

Features: 48-foot ETL-listed cable, 18 2-watt S14 LED bulbs included (15+3 free), 15 sockets, heavy-duty weatherproof construction, dimmer compatible, link up to 40 units together.

The ETL listed, SJTW-rated cable is flexible enough to arrange your lights however you want, but durable enough to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Connect up to eight strands together end-to-end. Each socket has a loop on it for easy installation with eye hooks, zip ties, or guide wire.

These heavy-duty string lights are coated in a durable rubber casing for year-round coverage with 2-watt S14 LED bulbs on a 48-foot string.

You can be confident that your lights will continue to shine through summer and winter, all year-round.


1) Building (architecture or home) decoration
2) Home using
3) Amusement park and theater lighting
4) Emergency hallway lighting
5) Shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, meeting room and advertisement signs back lighting