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S14 Strawberry RGB Waterpprof IP65 LED String Light

  • Product summary:
    1 Length: 48ft
    2 Bulb socket: 15socket
    3 RGB
    4 With Remote control
    5 IP65 waterproof
    6 CE RoHS UL
    7 2 Years Warranty
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Product Description: 

The 48FT commercial grade color-changing string light features LED filament plastic bulbs. Use the included remote control to conveniently operate your lights. Along with the standard warm white light, you can also choose a single solid color from red, blue and green and adjust the brightness simply by pressing the dimmable button on the remote. Set the different lighting scene to fit your mood or holidays. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, which can withstand the wind, dust and even elevated temperatures. Impact-resistant bulbs are connected along a heavy-duty cord that is rated for commercial use. Owing to their outdoor durability, they are particularly great for parties and weddings.



Type  : RGB S14 120V/220V E26 LED String Light 
Length:          24ft , 48ft  
Socket: 15 socket 
Cable: blackSJTW/18AWGX2C wire Waterproof IP65  With US/EU waterproof male-female plug
IP rate: IP65 outdoor waterproof 
Wire Spec: Wire spec:1.5*3*1.5 FT        
Wire:  SJTW 18AWGX2C/H05VV-F 2C*1.0mm²wire   
Wire Material: PVE+Copper      
Bulb :  S14 LED Filament Bulb 
Bulb material  PC 
Bulb Size: 45*83m
LED Bulb  Watt:    0.5W/pc 
Color:  RGB+W         
Remote: RGB with Remote control 
Input voltage: Adapter input Voltage 100-240V,output12V ,EU/US Plug               


Warranty 2 years 

Product Picture: 


Packing List:

48ft light string*1

User guide*1