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40W Equivalent G95 G80 Spiral flexible filament led bulb

  • Product summary:
    1 G80 G95 G125 globes
    2 flexible curved led filament as light source
    3 2200-6500K
    4 E27 E26 B22 base
    5 2 years warranty
    6 CE, RoHS, ERP, ETL , FCC approved
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Spiral LED Filament Bulb features an elegant vintage bulb design but packing cutting-edge LED Technology. The result is a modern light bulb that brings back the nostalgia of the early incandescent lamps of the Gilded Age. Best for decorative hanging lamps and fixtures where the bulb can be seen to advantage, this bulb adds an old time charm to any room coupled with unparalleled energy efficiency and safety (no harmful substances like mercury).

With the new soft filament LED it is now possible to bend the filament in one continuous length to mimic the spiral design. We can make it spiral shaped, fish shaped, flower shaped, heart shaped and etc. Just To be a designer for the light! Smart in looks and intelligent in design these LED bulbs use 80% less power than the conventional incandescent bulbs. These LED filament bulbs generate a decent amount of light (as much light as a standard 25W incandescent bulb) with instant 100% light, no warm-up time. These light bulbs look amazing hung low and bare from pendant lights and as they are dimmable you can lower the intensity to further create mood lighting. 

At 4 watts this LED light bulb with spiral LED filament has a very low energy consumption and an extremely long lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. These spiral led filament bulbs are a statement all alone. Ideal for a wide variety of decor lighting; from home lighting, cafe lighting, restaurant interiors, office fit outs... anywhere a statement rather than just a light source is required. 


Products Parameters: 

Item: G95 G80 spiral flexible led filament bulb
Power: 4 W  
LED Chip: 1pc flexible filament
Lumen:  70LM/W
Base: E26/E27/B22
Size: 95*135mm/80*122mm                     
Glass cover:                Clear/Amber/Smoky 
Voltage: AC110V/AC230V/AC100-265V
CCT: 2200K-6500K
Dimmable: Optional, Dimmable no flicker 
Certificates: CE RoHS ETL
Warranty 2 years