• LED Edison Bulb

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    Authentic Manufacturer of LED Edison Light Bulb - SelectionLED

    Danfore Lighting Co. Ltd. has been a familiar LED Edison Bulb Manufacturer from China. We are also a leading Edison Light Bulb supplier having variety designs and sizes for indoor and outdoor lighting. We are highly recognized among our customers in supplying inclusive formats and categories of LED Edison Bulbs system. We are serving our best to light up living rooms, drawing rooms, kitchens, study rooms with brighter and enriching light. These LED light bulbs are also providing best illusion in lawns, gardens and open areas with its enriching whiter light.

    Our LED Edison Light Bulb Formats:

    Danfore Lighting Co. Ltd. Here are some of the majorly designed advanced stylish LED Edison Bulbs for different indoor and outdoor lighting needs. These LED bulbs include Dimmable Facet Amber Glass LED Edison Filament Light Bulb in 3.5W, 5W & 6.5W, Twisted Glass LED Filament Edison Bulbs in 3.5W, 5W & 6.5W, C55 LED Edison Filament bulbs in 40 Watt, A19 A60 LED Starry Edison Bulbs, G25 G80 LED Starry Edison Bulbs, G30 G95 Starry LED Edison Bulbs, G40 G125 Starry LED Edison Light Bulbs, and Decorative ST21 & ST64 Starry LED Light Bulb.

    Beautiful Design & Styles:

    Danfore Lighting is a leading LED Edison Bulb manufacturer and has been devoted in supplying a wide category of brighter Edison bulbs. We have a prominent name in designing beautiful and stylish advanced LED Edison Bulbs for various outdoor and indoor lighting purposes. Our customers enjoy the amber glow filament bulbs that provide enriching light across the atmosphere.

    Modern LED Technology:

    Danfore is applying modern LED technology to design the efficient LED Edison bulbs to light up our surroundings. We are increasingly popular among our customers for manufacturing the adorning styles of LED Edison Light Bulb fixtures. These light bulbs are serving their best in the large dining rooms, wide open spaces and auditoriums, and lobbies.
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  • Tubular LED Bulb

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  • LED Filament Bulb

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    Leading LED Filament Bulb Factory From China - SelectionLED

    Danfore Lighting Co. Ltd. has been a worldly renowned LED Filament Bulb Factory and is one of the authentic manufacturers and suppliers of LED light bulb. We are manufacturing high advanced and comprehensive brighter categories of LED filament light bulbs for our honored customers. We are devoted in designing classic styles and sizes of LED filaments bulbs for using them indoor and outdoor locations. We have been serving our best to manufacture the latest designs for modern infrastructure LED lighting system. Our LED filament bulbs produce enriching brighter light to make the entire area glowing in whiter light.

    Our Brighter Filament Lighting Products:

    Danfore Lighting is a trustworthy LED filament bulb factory; creating attractive designs of LED filaments to provide enriching brighter light around our environment. We are highly advanced manufacturer and designing wide range of LED Filament Edison Bulbs in different watts. These bulbs include Mini C7 0.5 Watt LED Bulb, C7 Mini 1 Watt LED Bulb, G40 & G125 100 Watt Filament LED Edison Bulb, Pyramid Shape 110mm Facet LED Filament Edison Bulb, Short 6 Watt 125mm T30 Tubular LED Edison Filament Bulb, T30 Tubular 125mm Edison Filament Short LED Bulb Frosted, 125mm Short 25 Watt T30 Edison Filament Tubular LED Bulb, Milky White P45 Golf Edison LED Filament Bulb in 2W, 3.5W, & 5W, Frosted Glass Cover LED Bulb in 2W, 3.5W, 5W & 6.5W, Smoked Tint Glass Cover LED Bulb in 2W, 3.5W, 5W & 6.5W, LED Filament lightBulb Half Gold in 2W, 3.5W, 5W & 6.5W

    Features of LED Filament:

    Danfore has been a reliable LED Filament Bulb Factory; dedicated in designing energy efficient light bulbs for our customers. Our newer and attractive designs of energy LED Filament that provide the best energy saving capability to the customers. All our LED Filament Bulbs emit brighter light and have unique designs and shapes as well. We have a wider category of soft white bulbs and also in warm colors that save about 80 percent of electricity as compared to common outdated incandescent light bulbs.
  • Oversize LED Edison Bulb

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  • Vintage LED Bulb

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  • LED Refrigerator Bulb

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  • Decorative LED Bulb

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  • Spiral Filament LED Bulb

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    Authentic Manufacturer of Spiral LED Bulbs – Danfore Lighting

    Danfore Lighting Co. Ltd. has been a consistent Spiral LED Bulb manufacturer from China. We are manufacturing high advanced Spiral LED Filament bulbs in wide categories. These LED lights are designed to offer high performance to enrich the surrounding lighting needs in various indoor and outdoor atmospheres.

    Affordable & Easy Installation:

    Danfore Lighting is a highly devoted in for manufacturing the high competence spiral LED bulbs to create internal and outer look of your home and offices brighter enough. These filament light bulbs are fairly inexpensive to buy and are simple to use as your home and office lighting fixture. These LEDs are serving exceptional in routine to use your housing environment of rooms, drawing rooms, and kitchens with enriching light. LED spiral filament bulbs offer highly productive features due to higher competence and admire people to use them.

    Modern Stylish Spiral Filament Bulbs:

    Danfore has a reliable name as the manufacturing the modern and classic spiral LED filament bulb factory with a unique and stylish touch. These spiral filament bulbs are quite brighter enough and offer enchanting light to your indoor and outdoor parameters. The most stylish LED spiral bulbs are manufactured in wider formation and to provide the best lighting needs to the people in their lighting needs.

    Features of Spiral LED Bulbs:

    Danfore Lighting is serving the most excellent services in coming up with their best spiral LED bulb lights to bring consistent lighting needs to people. Here are basic and attractive features of using the LED spiral lights which make people more effective to use in their home and environment:
    • Dimmable soft LED filament
    • Consumption very less power energy
    • Very efficient lighting as environmentally friendly
    • Capable to produce greater and enriching lighting
    • Quite energy efficient spiral LED bulb with longer lifespan
    • Designed with flexible and soft LED filament for light source
    • Considered perfect for home and office lighting, or even for commercial lighting fixture