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The famous Edison light bulbs were made popular by Thomas Edison’s company, Edison Electric Light Company in the early 20th century. In 1882 carbon filaments were first used to produce them but they do not last very long, so this led to more research, and it was noticed that using carbonized bamboo filaments last longer but they blacken the inside of the bulb. Edison later proposed that using tungsten .
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Thomas Edison began researching into developing an incandescent bulb in 1878 and on October 14 he presented his first patent “Improvement in electric light”. Then he started improving on the type of filament to be used and on November 4, 1879, he proposed another patent for another electric lamp using carbonised bamboo filament which could last for over 1200 hours. Edison`s company, Edison electric light company, began marketing these .
LED Filament Bulbs

The New LED Filament Bulbs: Here to Stay

An LED filament bulb can be found in homes as well as commercial establishments as they are a popular choice when it comes to lighting. There are various different kinds of filament LED bulbs on the market as manufacturers wanted to cater for varying needs and preferences of diverse customers. However, even though LEDs became increasingly popular due to the energy savings that they offer, there is still a .
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A Concise History of the Light Bulb

The electric light bulb, one of the regular conveniences that most influences our lives, was not actually “invented” in the conventional sense in 1879 by Thomas Alva Edison, though he can be said to have invented the first commercially viable incandescent bulb. He was neither the 1st nor the only individual attempting to make an incandescent light bulb. Some historians say that there were over 20 inventors of the .
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Our Classic LED filament bulbs

Classic LED filament bulbs and lamps are very popular in homes as they have that unique look that sets a very nice ambiance. You will be able to find various types of led filament bulb, led Edison bulb, vintage led bulb, Edison light bulb, led filament bulb factory nowadays because many people love their look as well as the beautiful variety that is available on the market to satisfy diverse .