vintage edison light bulb

The famous Edison light bulbs were made popular by Thomas Edison’s company, Edison Electric Light Company in the early 20th century. In 1882 carbon filaments were first used to produce them but they do not last very long, so this led to more research, and it was noticed that using carbonized bamboo filaments last longer but they blacken the inside of the bulb. Edison later proposed that using tungsten filament would be a much better choice but there was no machinery capable of producing a tungsten wire in the required form but in 1906 The General Electric Company improved the Edison light bulb by making use of tungsten filaments. Since then Edison light bulbs have been improved drastically with the latest being the LED Edison light bulb which conserves energy. Nowadays an Edison light bulb can be found everywhere because of their cool and amazing look.

Is The Edison light bulb bright enough?

These are the questions asked by a lot of people nowadays. Edison light bulbs are antique bulbs which do not require a lot of brightness as they are supposed to give a cool look and not burn people’s eyes while looking at them. They are meant to mimic candle lights and create an electric atmosphere in places like bar, restaurant, homes, museum and other places where decoration is of great importance. They are not meant to replace overhead lights where visibility is of absolute importance.

Edison light bulb

Modern vintage Edison light bulbs called LED Edison light bulbs were introduced to solve the energy problems. Led Edison light bulb is a more energy efficient (energy saving) version of the early model, and they still give the same unique light color and bulb shape.

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