The New LED Filament Bulbs: Here to Stay

LED Filament Bulbs

An LED filament bulb can be found in homes as well as commercial establishments as they are a popular choice when it comes to lighting. There are various different kinds of filament LED bulbs on the market as manufacturers wanted to cater for varying needs and preferences of diverse customers.

However, even though LEDs became increasingly popular due to the energy savings that they offer, there is still a significant portion of customers who would rather stick to the traditional incandescent lights as they prefer their look and glow. In fact,  their design was not accepted by all prospective customers, especially those who prefer to stick to a vintage or classic look. This is where LED filament bulbs came into the picture to mimic the beautiful traditional look of the wire wound filament of incandescent bulbs, and yet still enable you to benefit from energy savings.

vintage led bulb white back

Some examples of the Vintage LED bulbs we stock

This is when filament LED lamps became even more popular. This is because LED filament bulbs manage to strike just the right balance between these two types of bulbs. Thanks to them one can still benefit that warm white light but at the same time benefit from energy efficiency and considerable savings.

It is also worth noting that LED filament bulbs can be used for a long time, and so there is no need to worry about replacements either. When a replacement needs to be done though, these bulbs are really easy to replace.

The LEDs in the filament bulbs are arranged in a filament form, and each filament consists of several low powered LED chips. These chips help with heat dissipation as they use up the heat generated within the bulb.

If you would like to benefit from a broad selection of LED filament bulbs, we suggest you check out our site. There are several types of LED filament bulbs for you to choose from, and we guarantee that you will be able to find one which will complement any style or decor you might have in mind. There are LED filament bulbs for homes, offices and shops. There are also special varieties which have a vintage look, making them ideal for very classical or retro settings, both in homes, as well as restaurants and coffee shops.

We can guarantee that we are specialists in LED filament bulbs, as well as any other type of light you might be looking for, and as always we guarantee the best quality and prices.