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Thomas Edison began researching into developing an incandescent bulb in 1878 and on October 14 he presented his first patent “Improvement in electric light”. Then he started improving on the type of filament to be used and on November 4, 1879, he proposed another patent for another electric lamp using carbonised bamboo filament which could last for over 1200 hours. Edison`s company, Edison electric light company, began marketing these bulbs in 1880, and light bulbs have improved over the years. Traditional bulbs are not energy efficient because they only use 10% of the electric power supplied to them while the remaining energy is lost as heat. In order to save power, many countries has banned the use of traditional bulbs, but there are some people who still prefer the traditional style, this has, therefore, give rise to vintage led bulbs .

Vintage LED bulbs are the types of bulbs that give your house, bar, museum or restaurant the sparkling vintage look that people like. They produce lightning that looks just like candle light or sunset. The vintage led bulbs come in the same shape and design as the old bulbs, but they offer similar output with less energy thereby saving you electricity money. A lot of these bulbs were designed to look exactly like the traditional bulbs they are replacing and this help to make them to be easy to identify when you go to stores To those familiar with the traditional bulbs you would agree that the get very hot after being on for a while, well this problem has being fixed in the new vintage LED bulbs and now no matter how long it has been on it will remain cool thereby reducing the risk of fire outbreak and burns while changing it. They also have screw thread and push in fixings just like the traditional one. So you get all the juicy advantages of the traditional bulbs plus energy efficiency in the new vintage led bulb. Old styles LED lamps are also environmental friendly. Vintage light bulbs can be referred to as antique light bulbs and can be easily identified by the windings of their internal filaments and the golden yellow glow of their lights. At a colour temperature of about 2200k, they emit light of 375 lumens and a very high colour rendition index of 94.9.

Vintage LED Bulb

Evolution of the light bulb.

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