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Advanced LED Technology From Danfore Lighting!

Danfore Lighting Co. Ltd. is a well-recognized as LED Filament Bulb Factory. We were established in 2007 and since then mainly manufacturing Vintage LED filament bulbs, LED Edison Light Bulb, Decoration LED bulbs, Vintage LED Bulb, LED panel lights, LED spot lights and etc.
Our entire LED filament bulb has been manufactured as CE RoHs ERP ETL certificates. Our main LED products are designed in various formations such as C35, C32, G45, A60, G80, G95, G125, G150, ST64, ST58, ST45, T45, T20, T25, T30, T26, R50, R63, R80, R95, G200, G180, A165, BT120, BT180, TT75, and etc. Currently, we are manufacturing our LED lights with a capacity of about 210,000pcs LED bulbs and 60,000pcs LED panel lights monthly. 
The prototype of our modern LED technology is designed in custom and can be submitted to our esteemed customers in a very short time span just in couple of days.